PCTECH Managed IT Services

PCTECH Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services includes the PRIME system (PCTECH Remote IT Management Engine), which is a comprehensive remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution that is deployed on thousands of computer systems. PRIME monitors and manages all local and cloud IT infrastructure and applications, including support for the full range of mobile devices, from a single unified dashboard. Our Managed IT Services allows our customers to shift their IT support to us so that they can focus their attention away from technology and on to their core business. Minimizing your downtime is our goal.


PRIME deploys agents and probes on networked systems to monitor the health and state of key components and services. It then looks for signs of impending failure, and if detected, can take automated action to remedy or escalate issues to the attention of our support technicians. Support tickets are automatically created and all actions are logged for compliance. Active Issues dialogs and Dashboards provide at-a-glance access to critical information. The following is a partial list of items that are monitored.

  • Servers and workstations (physical or virtual and includes firewalls and routers)
  • Critical services (such as Exchange and SQL Servers)
  • Disk space and Raid status
  • Performance issues
  • Backup status (local, remote, cloud)
  • Software, licenses and security updates
  • Error logs
Remote Access/Control

With an integrated Remote Control module, PCTECH technicians can quickly and securely gain access to your systems for instant support and maintenance of your key equipment. When technology is not functioning properly, you need it fixed promptly. Using our remote control system we are able to resolve most issues without the need for an onsite service call. Our remote support tools allow us to get your machine back online with minimal interruption.

Patch Management:

One of the essential services PCTECH delivers to our customers is patch management. From fixing security vulnerabilities to improving performance – keeping systems current and secure is made easier with PRIME.

Flexible Application Compliance

Checking to ensure that all applications in your customer’s environment are compliant is a cumbersome, manual process. PRIME allows us to create Application Compliance rules that automate the process of allowing or disallowing applications - removing the number of repetitive tasks that need to be performed. In addition, based on a user-defined "approved" list, PCTECH is alerted when a machine is not in compliance. This is another key step in reducing spam and virus introduction into an organization's network, by limiting the type of applications that can be installed.

Real-Time Display of CPU/Memory/Process Updates

PRIME provides a quick view of CPU and memory-consuming processes and can easily display supporting information about what resources are being consumed. This valuable data greatly reduces the time our technicians take to identify and resolve performance issues.

Asset Discovery & Audit Reporting

PRIME's agents & probes discover and collect the digital details of all devices, software and product keys on your network for use in monitoring and management activities. PCTECH can quickly provide our customers with an asset report listing all the systems, serial numbers, product keys, application names, etc. that are deployed on the network. This greatly helps to keep your organization in compliance with vendor specific licensing agreements.

Antivirus & Spam Protection

PCTECH offers a complete solution for network-wide antivirus and spam protection. From our central dashboard, PRIME can detect, destroy, and protect workstations, servers and applications from malicious attack.


PCTECH's integrated backup manager technology simplifies local and remote backups and storage. We can provide local and offsite backup solutions, as well as, bare metal restore, full and incremental backups, disk-to-cloud and physical-to-virtual backup.

Mobile Device Management

Managing multi-vendor smart devices can be difficult. With PRIME, we make it easy to incorporate and manage smartphones, tablets and other devices in your organization, including the control of App lists, lost, recovery, remote wipe and GPS tracking.

Contact us today, and see how PCTECH can monitor, repair and minimize your computer downtime with the PRIME system.

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